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A3 Overlap (gray black big squares), 2013 


A3 Overlap (gray black big squares), 2013 

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Code developed to display pointclouds of 3D scans in your browser, rendered with WebGL:

Potree is a WebGL based point cloud viewer for very large datasets, based on Scanopy.

This might look like technical stuff to you, but check the demos below - this software could be used to render the photos you take on future smartphones equiped with depth sensors.

Above you can see examples rendered with the software (which you can view yourself): here is a link to ‘Pompei' and here is one of a 'skatepark’.

The Potree website can be found here, it’s code at Github here (as well as code to convert 3D scan data here)

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Action Movie Kid - Volume 01 (by Action Movie Kid)

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Black Spires - Scars (by Kristof Luyckx)

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Enjoy The Silence (cover version) (by Kristof Luyckx)

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The Shed Show - Insurance Salesman (by Shed Show)

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